Your Must-Have Motor Kit

Movement is powerful…for fitness, for fine and gross motor skill development, and for academic success! How can you promote movement and practice of motor skills in the classroom with the minimal number of easy to collect and easy to carry materials?

Amy will discuss the benefits and recommended frequency of movement throughout the day, to help you sell the idea of movement and practice of motor skills to your teachers, colleagues and administrators. She will walk you through your Must-Have Motor Kit, with 11 core materials, and 4 enhancements. She will show you multiple illustrations of how she uses each material in her schools. The materials in the Motor Kit is easy to collect and carry, so schools and classrooms can have them, and you can easily carry one around with you. Let’s get moving with Your Must-Have Motor Kit! Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS TOOLKIT: Your Must-Have Motor Toolkit and Activities

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