Self-Monitoring Strategies for Your Pediatric Clients

Do you work with children who exhibit off-task behavior, negative social interactions and excessive time to complete a task? Self-monitoring of progress is an evidence-based approach that can be easily implemented in your practice and lead to better outcomes. Amy will show practitioners how to structure their sessions to promote child-led self-monitoring, utilizing various concrete evidence-informed strategies. The needs of children across the age span, from 3 – 21 years old, with wide-ranging abilities and disabilities will be addressed. Be ready to create your very own evidence-based self-monitoring treatment plan! 

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS PRACTICAL TOOLKIT: Amy's "I Got It!" Approach to Self-Monitoring; Self-Monitoring Graphing Tools - Version 1 (Raw Data) and Verson 2 (Percentage Toward Goal); Paper-based Goal Monitoring Chart; Song and Lesson Plan: "My Goal"

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