Self-Management Strategies

How do your pediatric clients handle difficult situations? Do they meltdown, throw a tantrum or refuse to engage? This webinar will help you promote your clients’ ability to self-manage while participating in meaningful life activities. You will learn the 5 components of self-management strategies. Amy will then walk you through her “Make it SNAPP-E!” approach that summarizes how you can help children self-manage. She will present examples for self-management strategies for 4 case scenarios: getting calm, getting organized, handling mistakes and managing medical needs. She will also provide various hacks for calming corners for homes and classrooms.

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Graphics: Make It SNAPP-E! 6 Steps to Self-Management; 2 Songs for Self-Management, with Social Story PowerPoint and Practitioner's Guide

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