Remediating Handwriting

Do your interventions for remediating handwriting work? Are your clients’ handwriting improvements in the “therapy room” not carried into real-life handwriting tasks in the classroom or at home? 

It is time to re-think handwriting remediation interventions! In this seminar, Patti will provide you with evidence-informed strategies to support your pediatric clients. She will review common diagnoses of clients with handwriting problems. You will hear about the latest evidence on what handwriting interventions work and do not work. Based on this evidence, Patti will provide you with 5 Strategies that you can easily incorporate into your current therapeutic sessions. You will learn to identify the barriers to writing legibly, focus on what matters the most, and use active learning strategies that empower your pediatric client. She will demonstrate these strategies via videos and case studies of clients with various handwriting difficulties.

Leave the course with evidence-based handwriting strategies that you can utilize the very next day! 

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