Amazing Benefits and Strategies for Implementation

We all know that movement is powerful…for fitness and for school readiness. Are your autistic clients moving enough? 

Amy will start this seminar by sharing research on how movement throughout the school day benefits motor skills, fitness, academic performance, and school readiness in autistic clients. She summarizes this into an Advocacy Form that you can share with teachers, colleagues, and school administrators to get buy-in for more movement throughout the day. 

You will learn her 6 Steps of Promoting Physical Activity at School, starting with a needs evaluation, as well as setting goals that is meaningful for the student’s participation in their academics and other aspects of schooling. You will learn various evidence-based movement programs and strategies you can implement. Finally, Amy will discuss how to reassess and share success to breed more success! 

Leave this course with great tools, strategies, and examples for promoting movement throughout the school day! 

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