Promoting Daytime Function with a 24-Hour Postural Care Plan

Do you work with children with complex disabilities with persistent postural asymmetries despite providing them with the best seating support? Are you wondering what you are missing in your assessment and interventions?

In this seminar, Pam will share how 24-hour postural care can benefit posture and function during the day, and promote better sleep. You will learn how nighttime posture can persist throughout the day, and affect the child’s function and participation in school and at home. Pam will walk you through the 5 Steps of the 24-hour Postural Care (24PC) Pathway. She will provide you with tools to Identify children at risk for postural asymmetries and to Measure their postural asymmetries, from quick simple tools (such as, the rib flare and Lifebox), to more detailed assessments. You will learn to select Equipment that supports posture throughout the day and night, to Implement the use of such equipment, and to Monitor progress. Pam will demonstrate the 24PC pathway via a case study. Finally, you will gain resources that you can utilize to advocate, provide, and/or support 24-hour postural care with families, and how to collaborate with other therapists working with the child at home, in school or in the clinical settings.

Leave the course with strategies, resources, and an organized approach for improving daytime posture and function via a 24-hour postural care approach. Closed Captioned in English

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