Everything's Measurable!

Assess, document and recommend confidently! Everything’s Measurable! is a highly-interactive workshop on the assessment of children and youth with neurologic and developmental disabilities, 3-21 years old. Carlo will highlight the advantages of using the International Classification of Function (ICF) as a framework to guide the assessment process. He will also relate the ICF to the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (OTPF) language with a goal of unifying and enhancing communication in OT and PT practices. Participants will learn the psychometric properties, statistical norms, and interpretation of tests and measures covering the different domains of the ICF: personal factors (occupational profile), environmental factors (context), participation (occupation), activity (performance skills), and body structure & function (client factors).

This workshop will cover 100+ standardized and non-standardized tools. Carlo will highlight the use of free, functional, and easy-to-use tests for participation, personal factors, arm function, gross motor function, wheelchair mobility and body structure & function so those with limited to no budget can also implement the use of these tools. Participants will practice administration and scoring of tests. Carlo will illustrate the proper selection and utilization of tests and measures in determining the need for therapy services and monitoring outcomes in various practice settings (i.e., home, clinic, hospital, and school). Participants will learn to organize and conduct assessment using a Hypothesis Oriented Pediatric Focused Algorithm (HOP-FA) + ICF-based Approach. Case studies will be used to facilitate learning, and to gauge achievement of the learning objectives.

October 15-16 - Synchronous and Asynchronous Modules

It is tough to learn 100+ assessment tools, while also learning a new approach to assessing children with disabilities, especially with the current work schedule/situation that you might have. So to make it more accessible to all of you, I turned it into a Hybrid Course, which will make it partly synchronous and asynchronous.

The synchronous parts of the course are the modules where I teach you critical clinical reasoning skills. You will receive invites to log in to Zoom for the following times:

  • October 15, 8-10 am: It will be a live Introduction to Assessment and the ICF (Modules 1-2)
  • October 16, 1:15-3:15 pm: We will put together everything you have learned in the 2 days into an ICF-based Approach to Assessment and Documentation using a Case Study (Modules 15-16), followed by a Q&A
  • If you have the stamina, I will also be doing an Optional Free activity and Q&A session on October 15 from 4-4:30 pm (I’m happy to stay later if there are questions).

The asynchronous parts of the course will be my presentations of over 100+ assessment tools (Modules 3-14). They are on-demand webinars that you can watch between 10 am – 4pm on October 15, and 8 am – 1:15 pm on October 16.

Note that all modules will also be available for you to watch and re-watch at your own pace between October 1 – November 30. I hope that this will allow for better absorption and retention of knowledge.

For Full agenda, CEUs, cost and other information, click on the button below:

16 Modules with a Total of 100+ Assessment Tools

Watch and Rewatch from October 1 - November 30, 2020
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