Coaching Virtually or In-Person

How do you get good carryover, especially when you are providing interventions virtually? Add coaching to your toolbox!

 But what does coaching really look like? Immerse yourself in a video series of Jen's telehealth session, as she coaches her clients (child and parents) to perform an ADL. Participants will see her discuss and demonstrate the different key characteristics, and skills that therapists need to hone for each of the 6 steps of the coaching cycle. Jen will also show you how coaching can be used to promote carryover by developing the competence and confidence of caregivers in supporting the child. Jen will highlight the 6 pitfalls to avoid, which may seem like coaching, but are not! Learn and be ready to build collaborative relationships and interventions the next time you meet with your client virtually or in-person!

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Fillable Worksheet: The Coaching Cycle; Jen's Cheat Sheet for Your Coaching Session

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