Assistive Technology for

Written Expression

Do you need a structured approach for determining a student’s need for assistive technology (AT) and implementing its use in the classroom? 

In this seminar, Lara provides you with the 4 Steps to Decision-making and Implementing AT for written expression. You will learn various considerations for assessing a student’s need for AT. She will describe concrete strategies for instructing a student on the use of AT, embedding the AT into the classroom, and monitoring their use, to ensure that the student is successful and to prevent abandonment of the AT. 

Lara will also present and demonstrate various AT examples for written expression, such as Speech to Text, Word Prediction and Spell Check programs. She will provide you with options from pre-installed AT features to those that require a fee, so you may select the right AT that fits your budget. 

Leave the course with an organized approach to deciding and implementing the use of AT for written expression that you can use the very next day!

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