Acquired Brain Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury

An acquired/traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI) can present a variety of physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and other challenges for the child, the family, educators, and us, therapists. How can we be effective in effecting change while other complications are impacting the child's performance? Carly will provide updated knowledge on the types, classifications and severity of ABI/TBI, as well as the resultant changes in the systems and functions of the child. Participants will learn specific assessment tools, appropriate goal setting themes, interventions that are shown by evidence to be useful for clients with ABI/TBI, from acute care to their return to school. Carly will share a case vignette to connect all concepts from assessment to interventions. Participants will be equipped with resources they can share with families, educators, and other providers.

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Resource: Links to Assessment Tools; Resources: Websites and Must-Reads

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