4 Steps of Implementing a Successful Life Skills Program

In this engaging seminar, Anne will underscore the critical significance of life skills education for students with disabilities. Participants will acquire insights into the unique contributions that OT, PT, and Speech providers can bring to the development of an effective life skills program.

Anne will then walk you through the 4 Steps of Implementing a Skills Program. Discover assessment tools, resources, and guide questions tailored for parents, students, and educators, facilitating a thorough examination of assets and needs crucial for shaping a life skills program. Anne will delve into the essential components—answering the who, what, when, where, why, and how—of designing a life skills program that aligns seamlessly with identified needs. Finally, you will gain strategies and tools for implementing the life skill program and evaluate the its effectiveness. To reinforce understanding, Anne will draw upon a real-life case study detailing the creation and execution of a year-round life skills program by related service providers in collaboration with educators. The case study will encompass diverse life skills units such as hygiene, food and nutrition, party planning, community safety, Spring cleaning, and leisure activities.

Leave the course with multiple tools and strategies that will empower you to craft fun and functional life skills program tailored to the unique needs of your school.Closed Captioned in English.

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